Friday, December 08, 2006

Ungreatful Christmas Song / Nadala Ingrata

Hello people!

I’m not saying Merry Christmas yet, I’ll save that for later on. But I guess that you all agree that Christmas is coming! Lots of Christmas advertisements on TV, Christmas lights, buying cards and thinking about gifts...

I like Christmas, a lot, and this one is going to be even more special than usually (so much more). But I want to share with you something. I have a CD (in Catalan) called “Altres cançons de Nadal” (Other Christmas Songs) and I’ll write down the lyrics of one of them. The music is funny, and the lyrics are “different”. Here it goes in Catalan and after it in English.

The song is from Mesclat and the lyrics from Francesc Ribera a.k.a. Titot.

A Betlem en un portal
Jesús neix a una banqueta
i per Via Digital
en directe ho retransmeten.

Al bell mig de l’erol
Sant Josep d’això en té idea,
li ha muntat un bressol
que ha comprat en el Ikea.

En Jesús dorm abrigat
amb una tovallola
que té un gran estampat
on hi posa Coca-Cola.

La Maria, com hi ha món,
unes mantes compraria,
però ha fos la Visa Electron
allà la perfumeria.

El messies ha nascut,
el Nadal a tots conforta,
i el Producte Interior Brut,
creix i això és el que importa.

Els pastors van arribant
en potents 4x4
i li duen a l’infant
jocs de guerra i de combatre.

Ha nascut el fill de Déu
el carrer tot s’engalana
i per cada llum encès
al món un nen mor de gana.

Menja neules el botxí,
pau als homes i a la terra
que demà de bon matí
ja continuarà la guerra.

N’ha marxat el caganer,
en aquest lloc ell no hi entra
no fos que el fessin pagar

fins i tot per anar de ventre.

In Bethlehem in a hall
Jesus is born in a bench
and at CNN worldwide
it is live broadcasted.

In the middle of barn
Saint Joseph knows about it
he has built a cradle
he bought from Ikea.

Jesus sleeps covered
with a towel
which has a big pattern
that says Coca-Cola.

Maria, why not,
some blankets would buy
but she melted the Visa Electron
there at the perfumery.

The messiah has been born
Christmas comforts everyone,
and the Gross Domestic Product
grows, and that is what matters.

The shepherds are arriving,
in powerful 4x4
and they bring to the kid
war and fighting games.

God Son has been born
the streets are fully decorated
and for each shiny light,
a little kid dies of hunger.

The executioner eats cookies
peace for men and at the earth,
and tomorrow in the morning
the war will continue.

The “shitting man” is gone,
he doesn’t go in it
they might make him pay
even to have a crap.

I must tell you that the "shitting man" is a Catalan tradition. When you do the little Nativity Scene one of the figures is a shepherd which is shitting. And soon you will know more about the "El Tió Màgic" which I would translate as "The Magic Log" and... well, you'll see soon.

Enjoy your time, think about the world, and try to think how lucky you are, how happy are you or could you be compared to lots of other people. Be happy! See you soon!


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